The working title for the project is Neighbors, a series of short stories about six individuals (DJ Brown Amy, Mike Giant, Elgy Gillespie, Dick Vivian, Fran Martin, and Dylan Bigby) from various neighborhoods in San Francisco. Part conversational interview, part documentary – we get to know the individual in the context of their work and home environments, in order to gain a deeper understanding of their influences on the community.

Neighbors: DJ Brown Amy

The format combines an interview with environmental documentation. The concept for this film was to capture moments within the constraints of a two (to three) hour conversation.

Thesis. Some will make a personal connection with the person, subject or story within each interview. Others may observe this documentary series of shorts as a pure social study. There’s a reason for each person documented, it’s not about the location or neighborhood as much as it is about the person’s drive and their history within the topic explored.

Backstory. A few months ago a Census person was outside my (Jason Whalen) apartment building. I live in San Francisco, in a small townhouse type building of 7 units. The census was looking for the names in unit #3 and #7 which I live in #2. Several messages have been left behind for the tenants, however unable to obtain their census form information. So on this day I offered to do my best and fill out the form, being a good citizen. I did okay. I knew they were married, white and in their mid-30’s, first names however I didn’t know their last name. We’ve been neighbors for 8 months.


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